Here is where you can click to listen to TopShelf.  Just decide which player you're using.. We recommend Winamp, but all the popular player links are here for you.  Click the picture or the text to listen.  In the highly unlikely event that no player link works for you, try the embedded player below the links which will work with smart phones and tablets too. or use the tunein app for your smart device and/or wifi radio (details below the html5 player).

Winamp (Our Choice

Windows Media Player




If you have no player installed or are using an iDevice or an Android device (tablet or phone), the player below should work for you.  If not, please update your browser.  Note that when you stop the player, but keep the page open, the player will start where you left off.  To get it to update, refresh the page.

Take a lively companion wherever you go, take a portable err iPhone, iPad, Android phone and tablet, and/or your wifi radio (Squeezebox, Sonos, etc).  Use the tunein app to listen to TopShelf anywhere you are.  It's probably already installed on your wifi radio.  For smart devices download the tunein app. Once you've installed it, just search for topshelf (all one word) and you're good to go Go GO.