Gary Myers was born in Milwaukee and began to play his brotherís drums at age nine. A family move took him to Bradenton, Florida where he joined his first band in 1960. A second band included future Allman Brothers guitarist Dickie Betts. Next came full-time club gigs, travel in the Midwest, and a trip to Southern California, where he had his first record release in 1963.

A return to Milwaukee brought more club work, a couple of different bands, and more recording. One of those bands headed back to SoCal in 1965, evolved into the Portraits and backed many name artists. They signed with Mike Curb and released four singles, one of which charted in several areas. The group appeared on two motion picture soundtrack LPís, and in 1968, recorded a Schaefer Beer commercial in New York.

Gary hit the road again with a show group in the early 70ís before returning to the Los Angeles area where he continued playing full time until 1982. The succeeding years brought a huge variety of gigs while he also worked in a large music store.

Gary penned his first record collectorsí article in 1975 and went on to write many more. He published his first book, Do You Hear That Beat, in 1994 and an instructional book, Understanding and Using Chords and Chord Progressions, in 2001. In 2006 he added On That Wisconsin Beat and in 2008, a book on scales. In 2012, as Gary E, he has released a new CD, Change Cominí On.

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